Started Acceleration Program Season2



IoT Connected Devices for SMB



SaaS for reference verification targeting recruiters and HR departments.currently in Beta version.


Social Defender

Social media monitoring and reputation management platform. Currently in beta.



Social promotion platform. Merchants engage users through checking with a product by scanning the barcode.



Best funding program for startups

STV Ventures, LLC is an early-stage seed and venture capital fund. We partner with entrepreneurs and empower startups to be successful in the global market. We provide support and help for Investors, partners, promoters, and co-founders to establish a successful startup. Spreadingthevalley focuses on funding for startups from different parts of the world.

Spreadingthevalley.org is not a charity or a government sponsored program. Number of experienced entrepreneurs, business owners, technology experts, and IT professionals promote the program to support startups in their funding stage. we have experienced startup experts who provide support and help your start up grow successfully

Funding is one of the most important factor for any startup to be successful.Spreadingthevalley provides funding for startups in its ideal stage of startup cycle, which gives a powerful support for startups to reach their goal. The funding program of spreadingthevalley concentrates on startups from different countries of the world.


  • We are spreading innovation to startups. Main focus for this initiative is for startups from India or on Indo-US startups.


  • Investors

    • A platform to bring entrepreneurs, business personalities and investors closer together. Investors invests a fund which would be the expenses for the initial setups until it is ready for the next level.


    • Advisors/Directors

      • A pool of directors and advisors which includes experienced entrepreneurs, business people, financiers and academicians. Provide introduction to member companies who could be potential partners, clients ,vendors or investors.



Identify,select and bring the best startups to VALLEY from all around US.

Fly2Valley is program by which we identify a set of capable start up companies all around US,make them go through a selection/Due dilligence process and bring them to Valley to give a VALLEY exposure

We also work VC firms and angles to showcase these talents.We bring only the top winners from the selection process from all Regions in US


Chicago F2V event date February 10, 2016

Houston F2V event date February 21, 2016

Seattle F2V event date March 17, 2016

Silicon Valley F2V event date April18, 2016

How we do it...